Six Common Causes of Automobile Accidents

Nobody wants to get into an automobile accident, especially if they are found at fault. Between the vehicle damage and injuries, the cost to recover from the incident could be unbearable. Prevention is the best medicine, and while you might not be able to avoid an accident in some circumstances, Eddie’s Body Shop believes that knowing the common causes of auto accidents can help you be extra careful.

1. Driving Distracted

Distracted driving has become the number one cause of automobile accidents. It even exceeds drunk driving. The best way to avoid getting into a distracted-driving auto accident is to turn off the cell phone, avoid eating in your vehicle, don’t put on make-up or shave while you drive, and remember what you learned during driver’s training: Keep your eyes on the road and all around you.

2. Driving Drunk

Drunk driving is even worse. Not only are you distracted but your motor skills are impaired, too. We know too much about how dangerous drunk driving is these days to ever excuse it. It simply is not worth the danger, the deadliness, or the jail time. Don’t drink and drive. Designate a sober driver or call for an Uber or Lyft back home. You don’t need a DUI on your driving record.

3. Lane Changing

Weaving through traffic is dangerous. Changing lanes constantly because you are in a rush or impatient increases your chances of a collision. Regular lane changes rarely cause accidents, especially if you ensure you’re clear to move over. Weaving around cars and in and out of lanes causes accidents, even if you use your signal to notify other drivers of the lane changes before you make them.

4. Speeding

We don’t mean to sound like your mother here, but if you leave on time you won’t have to speed. In all honesty, what seems like a relatively harmless thing can increase your chances of getting into an auto accident exponentially. Even if you are running late, try not to speed or weave in and out of traffic. When you’re driving too fast, you do not give yourself time to react to the dangers around you.

5. Tailgating

Tailgating is also a problem because you don’t have time to stop. Trying to push the driver in front of you to go faster by riding his or her bumper will not only encourage him or her to drive slower but also anger them into a possible road-rage response. Back off. You cannot stop in time if you are following someone too closely and you’ll rear-end the driver in front of you and be the one at-fault.

6. Weather

Finally, rain and icy conditions make driving dangerous, and it’s important to heed all of the previous advice when the weather is bad. Turn off all distractions and give yourself extra time to get where you need to be. Drive slowly and don’t follow anyone too closely. Give yourself plenty of distance between the other vehicles on the road so you have time to react in the slippery conditions.

If you do get into an automobile accident, call Eddie’s Body Shop, LLC, in Harriman, TN. We’ll work with your insurance company to repair the damage so your vehicle is just like new.


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